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  • Kate Allgood

Excellence Versus Success in your Sport

Process versus Results

Most clients that walk through my door have a high level of focus on results. This causes them a lot of stress, lack of confidence and frustration. Today I want to talk about focusing on the process versus results. One of the ways we do this is by looking at whether or not we want to achieve excellence or mastery in our sport versus have success. Most people want to master their sport or skill set, but still focus more on results. Not realizing that focusing on mastery/excellence often leads to success but success does not necessarily mean you have mastered something. Success can happen for a number of reason. Luck, chance, being in the right place at the right time.

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When I work with athletes and they have a great performance but maybe didn’t get they results they wanted they are far happier than when they get the results they wanted but feel like they didn’t perform well. When we focus on mastering something we are fully focused on the process, and continually getting better and better, knowing the results will come. When we focus on the results and success we miss the small details and things we need to focus on in order to do so. As human beings we are always striving for more, so even if we reach a result or destination we wanted we will just set the next one, and not really acknowledge what we have accomplished therefore never really being happy with where we are at.

Those athletes who focus on the process and mastering their skill set are the ones who are happier, more successful and enjoy the process that they are in. They aren’t waiting for something to happen for them to be happy they are happy and good with where they are while still staying hungry for more. It is is a blend that is difficult to find but if you can find it, you will be a better athlete.


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