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Online mental training course for athletes, both youth and professional. Unlock your potential and develop the mindset you need to succeed.

Train Your Brain, Win the Game: The Athlete Within - Online Mental Performance Course

Transform your game with Advanced Mental Training

Unlock your potential. Learn the science of a high-performance mindset. Build a life of meaning and purpose while also learning to push the limits of your personal performance.


Course Description

Transform your athletic performance with our intensive online course designed by renowned mental performance coach Kate Allgood. Over 12 weeks, athletes will embark on a journey through 7 meticulously crafted modules, each focusing on crucial aspects of mental skills training essential for peak performance. This course includes a total of 32 videos, offering in-depth instruction and practical exercises to enhance commitment, confidence, mental readiness, mental rehearsal, focus, distraction control, and ongoing learning. Participants will benefit from 6 months of access to the course materials, ensuring ample time for review and application of these essential mental strategies. Led by Kate Allgood, who brings over 35 years of experience in the world of sports and 14+ years as a mental performance coach, this course is tailored to athletes at all levels seeking to elevate their game through proven mental training techniques.

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What's Included in
The Athlete 
Within Foundation Online Course?


Online subscription course for mindset training

Training Videos

The 12-week course includes 32 videos organized into 7 modules. After the initial 12 weeks, you will retain access to the videos for an additional 3 months for review purposes.



You will receive a copy of The Athlete Within® daily and competition journal/workbooks. These resources serve as both workbooks and journals, designed to complement the videos and assist you in implementing the tools effectively.

Expert Mentorship

Your mentor will be available to answer your questions and provide the support you need throughout the entire process. Two levels of support are offered: you can opt for self-direction with email support or receive personalized 1-on-1 coaching.

Mental toughness online course. Learn from one of the best mindset coaches on what you need to do to train your mind.

“The Athlete Within   online course is a simple and straight forward way to learn the necessary mental skills I need to succeed on the field as well as in life. Being able to watch the videos when and where it works for me allows me to fit in this necessary part of my training without the stress of trying to find the time for one more thing.”


- High school baseball player



Meet Kate

Former mental performance coach for the AHL San Diego Gulls, working with the top prospects in the NHL Anaheim Ducks organization.

Kate Allgood prides herself on providing individuals with the tools and strategies to explore their potential and become more resilient in all areas of life. With over fourteen years of experience working with clients and two master's degrees in the sports science field of mental performance, Kate has developed proven and actionable strategies to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. She has worked with various clients, including professional athletes and elite military personnel. She is the author of three books in the field of mental performance. Becoming an Amazon bestselling author for her first book 'Get Into the Zone.'


As a highly sought-after coach, Kate delivers one-on-one courses that inspire individuals to push past their limits and achieve greatness. Her approach combines evidence-based techniques with personalized strategies to help individuals develop mental toughness, enhance focus, and optimize performance in any domain.

Kate's unwavering dedication to her client's success has earned her a reputation as a trusted mentor and leader in the field of mental performance. Her expertise has been featured in various media outlets, and she continues to contribute valuable insights through her blogs, social media and podcast guest appearances.


Kate's experience as a former college, professional, and Olympic hopeful hockey player gives her a unique perspective and understanding of the mindset and challenges athletes face on and off the field. If you're an athlete or other high performer seeking the mental edge, Kate Allgood is here to guide you on your journey to greatness.

Kate Allgood, Sport Performance Mindset Coach in San Diego. Trained in the field of applied sport psychology

Kate Allgood

CEO & Mental Performance Coach


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What Are the Benefits of Online Mindset Training? 

Many people who go through online mindset training find that it's easier to access information and work on courses from the comfort of their own home. There are countless resources available on the internet, such as instructional videos and other tools, to help people get into a positive mindset each and every day and achieve success in their daily life. 

Online mindset training has the potential to help improve a person's life in a number of ways, including:

  • Confidence 

  • Mental Readiness 

  • Distraction control

  • Reduce performance anxiety

With professionals and education at a person's fingertips, there's no reason not to get started. 

Improving One's Mindset and Athletic Performance

With mindset training, it's possible to improve athletic performance by helping athletes focus on the reason behind their motivation. Helping an athlete understand why they want to do a particular sport or perform in a certain way can help bring their focus into balance, so they can do better and have a solid foundation for growth.

There are different kinds of mindsets that can help athletes improve.

One type is called the growth mindset, which can enable athletes to focus on the idea of growth — that is, being able to develop and improve skills to get where they want to go. They're intrinsically motivated, rather than pushed by external factors, to do their best for their own ego. 

The opposite is a fixed set of beliefs. With this mindset, people simply focus on their already existing strengths.. However, a fixed mindset can hinder an athlete from reaching their potential because it restricts their view of their talents as innate and unchanging instead of something that can be developed.

These mindsets can have an impact on how a person can enjoy a sport. With a growth mindset, we believe that athletes perform better and get more enjoyment out of their time working out and competing. 

Enroll with Quantum Performance for Online Mindset Training

We know that it can be hard to consistently get into the right mentality when professional performance is on the line, which is why we want to help athletes develop powerful mindsets with our Sports Mental Performance and Mindset Training. This course is completely online, allowing people to learn and take lessons in their own time and pace, which we know is especially important when dealing with busy schedules.

The Quantum Performance mental training program comes with training videos, a proven plan and expert mentorship, so each athlete has the guidance they need to succeed. Enroll with us today to get started.

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