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Sport psychology programs for teams. Self talk, visualization, mindfulness and goal setting techniques and strategies.

Sports Performance Mindset Coaching

Team Programs

Improve Team Cohesion, Culture, and 

Individual Performance

Based on the needs of the team or organization we will create a tailored approach.

Mindset training for athletes. Learn sport psychology techniques and strategies the professional athletes use.

The Athlete Within  Program


Group Presentations

We have a number of presentations ready to go on topics such as self talk, visualization, mindfulness, goal setting, etc. We can also create a custom presentation for the needs of your team or organization.

Individual Work


Some athletes will need and want more individual help. For a complete idea of our individual approach click here >>

Online Course

12 Week course with 32 training videos covering 18 different principles on the mental side. For more information check out our The Athlete Within™ Foundations online course >>



A great tool to help you understand an athlete better and/or quicker. Get a comprehensive understanding of the athlete, so you can find the best approach to helping them thrive and succeed.

Learn more >>

"Kate's extensive experience as a practitioner and elite athlete provide her with the ability to effectively communicate the results of the TAIS in a manner that's relevant and applicable for both athletes and coaches. " 


-David Urquhart, Head Coach McGill University Men's Hockey Team

Improving a Team's Mindset & Their Sports Performance 

The way athletes feel when they're working out and competing has a significant impact on their performance. Someone who has a growth mentality thinks about how they can learn from their experiences. They focus on improving themselves, even when things go poorly. On top of that, they enjoy their time playing because it's time they spend learning more about something they love. 

With the right mental outlook, athletes working together on a team can improve their abilities thanks to being able to focus and work together with one another. Instead of stressing out over trying to reach goals others have set for them or working hard to get praise and rewards, they're intrinsically motivated to do their best regardless of the outcome. This reduced stress equals better performance for the team as a whole. At Quantum Performance, we have a variety of learning options, including an online course, that can help any team work better together.

How Can a Mental Performance Coach Help Teams Improve Their Performance and Team Dynamic?

Teams can build a better dynamic with a mental performance coach's help. A mental performance coach focuses on building better teams by identifying changes that need to happen. They help athletes navigate change, get through moments of uncertainty and tackle conflicts head on. 

With guidance, problems are resolved before they become so big that they cause rifts. Building a strong structure and foundation helps teammates work better together, improving how they perform when playing and competing with one another.


Mental performance coaches focus on improving mental skills, teaching athletes to minimize anxiety and take control of how they react to the environment around them. Mental performance coaches offer supportive guidance to help athletes achieve their goals and stay in a growth mentality. 

Enroll with Quantum Performance for Team Mindset Training

At Quantum Performance, we help unlock athletes' potential with mental toughness training to help them push the boundaries of what they think they're capable of. We are prepared to tailor our programs to whatever needs each team has. Our online course offers training videos, a proven plan with detailed instructions to follow and expert mentorship from sports performance mindset coach Kate Allgood.

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