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Author Kate Allgood

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Athletes spend years training their body and developing their craft, but without training their mind, an athlete will never reach their true potential. From best-selling author of Get Into the Zone, Kate Allgood breaks down how to create a mental framework to overcome pressure, focus on the tasks at hand, and eliminate self-doubt. Learning and applying Allgood’s deliberate approach to bringing conscious awareness to your game will allow you to apply basic-mental skills to reach new goals, sharpen your introspection and become the best athlete you can be.

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Every single day that you wait to start training your mind, is a day that your competition is leaving you further and further in the dust, and one day they will have moved so far ahead that you'll simply be unable to keep up."Do you know why some people not only succeed but seem to thrive in high pressured situations, while others seem to struggle?

Kate Allgood built her business helping high performing athletes and business professionals just like you learn what it takes to perform under pressure, and she is sharing her best tips and tricks with you in this ground-breaking book. In this book you'll discover:- The biggest reasons why people FAIL to perform under pressure- Why mental training is important and necessary to achieving success- Simple exercises you can implement to help get you "in the zone

Available on Amazon link

Mental toughness is the natural or developed psychological edge that results from a collection of skills, attributes, values, emotions, and behaviors that allow people to overcome any obstacle, adversity, or pressure as well as deal with the general day-to-day demands (lifestyle, training, competition) placed upon them and still remain consistent, focused, confident, and motivated to achieve their goals.”

Fortitude is a guide for high performing athletes and business professionals on understanding mental toughness, how to build and sustain it over time. Kate Allgood built her business helping individuals like you learn what it takes to perform under pressure.

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