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Sport psychology strategies and techniques

Individual Mental Performance

Training Programs

Transform Your Mind. Become The Most Self Realized And 

High Achieving Athlete Possible.

The Athlete Within :
Exclusive 1:1 Coaching for Elite Athletes & High Performers



This highly specialized, boutique style private coaching program is a COMPLETE GAME CHANGER! It is available to a select group of athletes and clients per year.

With Kate as your guide, you'll start your journey with a detailed mental profiling assessment, uncovering the nuances of your mindset and behaviors. Subsequent sessions are customized to your needs, drawing from Kate's extensive experience working with the world's most elite athletes and performers.

This exclusive coaching opportunity is limited each year to ensure the utmost level of service and support. If you are an athlete (or the parent of an athlete), who is highly motivated and ready to make an invaluable investment in personal growth, this world-class coaching program is tailored specifically for you. Beyond performance improvement, Kate's coaching will revolutionize your mind and change your life!

This premium coaching service is accessible to selected individuals worldwide through online video calls, ensuring geographical boundaries are no obstacle to your journey of self-improvement. In-person sessions are available if you are in the San Diego, CA area. 

Next Step: Complete the application below for Kate and her team to review. We will be in touch within 24 business hours with next steps. You will have an opportunity to speak directly with Kate over the phone to answer your questions and go over program options and pricing. 


Female Swimmers

“I have been swimming competitively most of my life. However, I noticed that the only thing stopping me from getting where I wanted to be, was my mental state. I was doubting myself behind the blocks, not racing the way I was training. Through the year that I’ve been talking with Kate, I’ve seen a lot of progression and growth. Not only does Kate provide a safe space to talk, she provides me with exercises that are specific to my character and progress. Overall, Kate has guided me in finding ways to manage my stress and nerves. She has helped me to progress towards my goals outside and inside the pool.” 



- Julissa Arzave, UCSD Swimmer

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The Athlete Within   Programs: Unveiling the 5 Pillars of Mental Performance



At its core, building your mental game revolves around self-awareness, confidence, and internal drive. Delving deeper into the art of mental performance consists of four more pillars: cultivating a resilient perspective, managing energy for peak performance, harnessing the power of mental imagery, and mastering focused attention. These inner skills transform stress and pressure into opportunities for growth, enabling you to navigate both daily challenges and high-pressure moments with confidence and resilience.

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Specialized Performance Profiling Assessment


Are you curious but not quite ready to dive into a full coaching program? Interested in understanding your drivers and limiters of your performance to pinpoint areas for growth and unlock your peak potential? We've got just the thing for you, offering a taste of what you will experience working with Kate, and just how powerful it can be.

The reality is, improvement starts with awareness. Through a detailed assessment, featuring a specially crafted online questionnaire, results analysis, feedback report, and a one-hour assessment interview directly with Kate, you'll gain invaluable insights and recommendations that can reshape your approach to success.


Kate has worked with world class athletes around the world utilizing TAIS assessment to help them achieve higher levels of performance. Her expertise in assessment profiling was called upon when she worked with the top prospects in the NHL's Anaheim Ducks organization, to help the players develop and help the coaches learn how best to teach and communicate with them.


As an added bonus, this experience gives you a firsthand look at what it's like to work directly with Kate. She is confident you'll be back, ready to discover the perfect training program tailored just for you.

Ready to take the next step? Click the button below to register. We will then arrange payment and help guide you through the online assessment, and then schedule your personalized assessment call. Get ready to uncover the keys to your success!

What is Mental Performance ?

Mental performance is all about understanding the mental game, whether you're on the field, court, stage, or facing a high-pressure business deal. It's about human performance at its core, building the mental skills and techniques you need to perform consistently and effectively, no matter the situation.

This discipline dives deep into the factors that influence how you reach and maintain optimal performance, consistently striving to be your absolute best. At the elite levels, where everyone has the technical skills and knowledge, the mental aspect becomes the biggest differentiator.

Why is mental performance important?

Most athletes spend countless hours honing their physical skills, searching for that edge. But to truly reach your full potential, you need to go beyond just having the best equipment, coaching, or the most practiced moves. You need to develop the mental skills to overcome frustrations, manage anger, conquer performance anxiety, and silence that nagging self-doubt that can creep in on your journey to the top. This is where mental performance coaching comes in.

Mental Performance & Mindset Coaching for Athletes

Your mindset is more than just optimism. It's your overall mental attitude, encompassing how you choose to think, feel, and respond to situations. A positive mindset is a powerful tool, but it's just one piece of the puzzle. A champion mindset is about resilience, focus, and the ability to see challenges as opportunities for growth.

How Mindset Coaching Empowers Athletes

Traditional coaching focuses on skill development, helping you perfect that jump shot or master a new technique. Mindset coaching goes deeper, tackling the mental roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential. It can help athletes:

  • Shift Perspective: See setbacks as learning experiences and use them to fuel your motivation.

  • Develop Resilience: Bounce back from adversity quickly and stay focused under pressure.

  • Manage Performance Anxiety: Channel nervous energy into laser focus and peak performance.

  • Quiet Negative Self-Talk: Replace limiting beliefs with neutral self-talk and self-compassion.

  • Build Confidence: Believe in your abilities and trust the training you've put in will allow you to adapt to whatever unfolds.


By helping you see situations from a different lens – a lens of growth, possibility, and ability to respond – a mindset coach equips you with the tools to reframe your perspective and build unshakeable confidence.

Who Can Benefit from a Mindset Coach?

Athletes of all levels can benefit from mindset coaching. It's not just for those struggling with pessimism or negativity.  Here are some examples:

  • The talented athlete who plateaus: Mindset coaching can help identify mental blocks and limiting beliefs that might be hindering further progress.

  • The athlete prone to frustration: Learn to manage frustration in the heat of competition and refocus on executing your game plan.

  • The athlete struggling with nerves: Develop strategies to manage pre-game jitters and channel nervous energy into peak performance.

We offer sports mental performance & mindset training and coaching for both individual athletes and teams who want to reach their highest potential.

How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Through techniques like neutral self-talk, goal setting, meditation, visualization, and more, we'll help you fully focus on your objectives, commit to your goals, and become more confident. We can also help improve your skills and reduce stress that might be hindering your performance.

Ready to unlock your full potential and see the game from a champion's perspective? Contact us today for a consultation!




Our approach starts by understanding where the athlete currently is and where they want to end up. What are the current mental blocks or lack of mental skills? What are their goals and dreams? How do they want to perform during competitions and sports performance training? 



 We need to discover the strengths and limitations of the athlete, and how these factors impact them the most under pressure. This involves having the athlete take an assessment, we like to use The Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS), which is the most sophisticated performance enhancement assessment of its kind. 



Next, there is a period of education and skill development, followed by on-going follow-up and adjustments. This would be similar to what an athlete will experience in their sports performance training, to train their body, only this is for the mind. The specifics of the actual mental skills training will be customized for each athlete.


Trusting yourself and your skills in progressively higher stakes and being able to harness the activity of your own mind so that you can be more present, focus effectively, stay adaptable, more consistent, more confident and perform up to your potential under pressure.

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