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Sport psychology strategies and techniques

Individual Mental Performance

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Transform Your Mind. Become The Most Self Realized And 

High Achieving Athlete Possible.

What is Mental Performance ?

Mental performance is concerned with understanding the “mental game”, whether that game is athletic or otherwise. It is about human performance and building the necessary mental skills and techniques necessary to perform consistently and effectively regardless of the situation. It is a discipline that investigates and seeks to understand the factors that are involved in reaching and consistently maintaining optimal athletic performance – to strive to achieve one’s best. 

Why is Mental Training Important?

At the upper levels of sports performance, in situations where competing individuals and teams have all the technical skills and tactical knowledge required to be successful, the mental  aspect of the game becomes the most important determinant of outcome. Every athlete is looking for an edge, but most spend their time on the physical skills. To reach your full potential as an elite athlete, not only in a game but also in your sports performance training, it is necessary to go beyond having the best equipment, coaching, skills or nutrition. To move beyond the frustrations, anger, performance anxiety, and low self confidence that at times accompany your journey to the top of your sport it is necessary to turn within and understand your own mind.


We have a clear process to make sure we find the right mental coaching approach for each client.


Initial Assessment


Find The Right Initial Program


Initial Mental Training Program


Revaluate And Create Custom Ongoing Support Program

Mental strength training for athletes. Develop your mental game to succeed in sports and life

“I have been swimming competitively most of my life. However, I noticed that the only thing stopping me from getting where I wanted to be, was my mental state. I was doubting myself behind the blocks, not racing the way I was training. Through the year that I’ve been talking with Kate, I’ve seen a lot of progression and growth. Not only does Kate provide a safe space to talk, she provides me with exercises that are specific to my character and progress. Overall, Kate has guided me in finding ways to manage my stress and nerves. She has helped me to progress towards my goals outside and inside the pool.” 


- Julissa Arzave, UCSD Swimmer

How We Will Help You Develop Your Mental Performance

Step One

Our approach starts by understanding where the athlete currently is and where they want to end up. What are the current mental blocks or lack of mental skills? What are their goals and dreams? How do they want to perform during competitions and sports performance training? 

Step Two

 We need to discover the strengths and limitations of the athlete, and how these factors impact them the most under pressure. This involves having the athlete take an assessment, we like to use The Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS), which is the most sophisticated performance enhancement assessment of its kind. Understanding how people behave and experience themselves under pressure or stress is important because the pressure can cause significant changes in their normal way of being. The ability to perform up to potential is often altered and this can have drastic effects on the level of performance.

Step Three

Next, there is a period of education and skill development, followed by on-going follow-up and adjustments. This would be similar to what an athlete will experience in their sports performance training, to train their body, only this is for the mind. The specifics of the actual mental skills training will vary from athlete to athlete, with the vast majority of interaction and consultation with mental performance coaches done via video/in office, during practice or at athletic venues.

The Results

Trusting yourself and your skills in progressively higher stakes and being able to harness the activity of your own mind so that you can be more present, focus effectively, stay adaptable, more consistent, more confident and perform up to your potential under pressure.


The Athlete Within™ programs cover our 3 core practices of mental performance


Practice of getting to know yourself. 

Choose Your Own Way

Learn the skills to help you respond to adversity, find an inner purpose and discover a limitless mindset


Train your attention and get into the zone.

Sport psychology expert in San Diego

“I was struggling with my golf game, not only physically but mentally as well. I decided to go see Kate to see if she could help with the state of mind I was in with my game. After the first time I saw her I felt extremely relaxed and I even felt happier. She helped me clear out the negative and distracting thoughts and helped me replace them with positive reinforcing thoughts. Kate has clearly helped me elevate my game to a new level, and I have never felt this mentally strong on a golf course before.” 

- Reid D, College Golfer

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