Training athletes to be as mentally strong as they are physically. High performance training for sports and life. San Diego

Training Athletes To Be As Mentally Strong

As They Are Physically

We help athletes unveil their full potential by increasing the awareness and consciousness of the steps and behaviors required for high performance in sports and life

In-Person or Video Sessions Available

Why Train Your Mind?

More often than not people focus on training their body and craft, but not their mind. Without training your mind you don’t even begin to scratch the surface of your true potential.


Block out the noise, both internal and external, and discover the awareness and consciousness of high performance


This occurs when you are in alignment. Thoughts, words, and actions. To find meaning and purpose in what you do and live authentically.


Discover the ability to lean into the discomfort. To embrace the uncertainty, risk, and vulnerability that leads to greatness.


Find the stillness in the space between stimulus and response. It is within this space where you find your potential & ability to choose your response.

Proud Provider Of Services For Clients In

Mental skills training of athletes both youth and elite level for San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County

What is Quantum Performance?

A high-performance coaching firm that specializes in the mental training of athletes, both youth and elite level alike.

Who We Serve

Professional (NHL, AHL, NFL, MLB, Supercross, Motocross, Golf, Skateboarding, etc.), Olympic, college and high school athletes, individuals in the military, weekend warriors, high-performance training facilities, AHL’s San Diego Gulls Hockey Club.

How We Help


Increase confidence, performance anxiety, life skills, maximizing potential, controlling emotions, focus, adaptability, performance routines, cognitive sports training, imagery, life after sports, recovery from injuries, etc.

Meet Kate Allgood


During my career, I have helped hundreds of athletes to reach their athletic and personal goals. I know perfectly well that most athletes don’t have programs or ways to train their mental game, in the ways they do every other aspect of their performance. This is something I believe is a big missing link.


My mission is to help athletes bring their mental performance up to the same level as their physical performance. To bridge the gap between where someone is currently performing and where they are capable of performing.


I have combined years of education and experience to create proven, actionable strategies that teach athletes how to become psychologically resilient and release their underlying talents. 

Kate Allgood

Owner & Sports Psychology Consultant 

Unwrap your unique gifts and talents to the world.

Sport psychology and mental toughness coaching for athletes. Develop the mental skills needed to perform at your best.


Our services combine the art and science of sport psychology. To perform at your optimal level you must have a strong foundation of mental skills training but also go beyond and develop the ability to be mindful, create value-based behaviors and build a life of purpose and meaning. To develop yourself as a whole person and know who you are.

1 ON 1

In-person or video sessions designed to develop the necessary mindset skills to perform at your optimal level day to day, as well as in critical and high stakes moments.


Group presentations on core mental skills as well as one on one work is available to help individual players and teams optimize performance.


EliteMind 8-week foundational course based on 7 critical elements of excellence and mental toughness. Consists of 32 videos, filled with exclusive content and mindset insights to help you unlock your true potential.


Often a combination of one on one work, online course, and team presentations is done. It is always about finding the best approach for each client to help them unlock their potential. 


Phone:  619.446.6846

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