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  • Kate Allgood

Performance Mindset: What are you willing to trade in?

In performance mindset coaching we help people to look at things in different ways and possibly make different choices that will ultimately impact how they perform in their field of endeavor. What does this mean? Well everyday we are presented with a multitude of choices that impact how we think and what we do and ultimately impact who we are and will become. Everything from the music we listen to, people we hang out with, social media we see, the ways you unwind, how you spend your money, what you do when you are alone, and every other little choices in your day impacts you.

Mindset training, and making choices. Performance coaching for athletes in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. trained in the field of sport psychology.

How you spend your time will directly impact your attitude, thoughts and mindset. The more you continue with certain patterns, the less you are aware of their direct impact. When we can step away, or challenge ourselves to trade things in, we may unfold certain realities.

So what are you willing to trade in to become the person you want to be or to achieve what you want? Many athletes look to add things to help them become better, but sometimes it is not addition that will help but subtraction. Sometimes it is necessary to look at what things in your life don't serve you and your performance. This could be the people you hang out with, how much time you spend on social media, or what you eat.

It is not always easy to take a look in the mirror and really reflect on the choices you are making, but each choice is a vote for the person and athlete you will become. If you are not liking how you are performing or the type of performer you feel you are, this is a direct result of all the little choices you make each day. You have control over these choices, and it puts you in control of ultimately what type of athlete you will be. So when you are faced with a decision, are you making the choices that move you towards success, or move you away due to a fear of failure.

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