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  • Kate Allgood

3 Ways to Gain More Ownership of your Sports Performance

Gaining ownership is one of the most important things you can do as an athlete to help you with your performance and deal with the obstacles and adversity you will face. It is often easy for you to hand over ownership to others or for others to take the ownership that you need to have to truly get the most out of yourself and reach your goals.

Here are 3 very important ways you can gain more ownership:

#1 Know Why You Play

Thinking about why you play the game is important. It is easy over time for why you play the game to be lost, forgotten, or just not top of mind. Sometimes it changes with time, and you need to connect with why you choose this path. It is not enough to say, "because I have always done it." You need to know why you are making the sacrifices and whether it has meaning for you in the here and now.

Mental performance and mindset training for athletes in San Diego and Los Angeles.

#2 Choose to Play Each Year

Nowadays, it seems that all sports are year-round, leaving little room to contemplate and reflect on whether or not you want to join again and make the commitment you will need to make. When you take a moment before the next season to say "yes," I want to do this, and I am choosing to make this commitment and what it will mean. It helps provide the energy needed to get through the season—the ups and downs, the adversity that will naturally come your way.

#3 Own Your Mind

Owning your mental game is often one of the last things many take ownership over. Preferring to focus on the physical or tactical elements of the equation. Owning your mental game is owning the mindset(s) and skills you will need to accomplish your goals and consistently perform. Do you train your mind in the same manner and to the same degree as your physical game?

It is essential to take ownership of your performance and journey consistently and continuously. These are just some of the ways you can do so. If you want help exploring your potential and seeing just how good you can be, reach out and see how we can help.

Your coach,

About: Kate Allgood is trained in the field of applied sport psychology. She holds two Masters degrees in psychology where she graduated with distinction. She has spent the past 14 years working one on one with high school, college, Olympic, and professional athletes to help them with their mindset, mental performance and mental skills training. Kate has also been a consultant for professional teams, including the Anaheim Ducks primary minor league affiliate the San Diego Gulls, to help the team and players develop their mental game. It is important to note that while Kate has graduate school training in applied sport psychology and general psychology, she does not diagnose or treat clinical disorders, and is not a licensed psychologist. 

**The information provided is not to dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique, either directly or indirectly, as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems, without the advice of a physician. The information provided is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for high performance. If you know or suspect you have a health problem, it is recommended you seek your physician's advice.


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