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  • Kate Allgood

2 Ways Action Plans Help your Sports Performance

How often do things go according to plan? Rarely, if ever. This is why it is essential to take the time to address potential stressful situations, things not going according to plan, or mistakes before your competition and make a game plan around how you want to handle those possible situations. If you don't take the time to think about it, then there is a greater chance you will react versus respond. At the moment, we don't have time to think; we need to have something already planned that can help us make the necessary adjustments as things unfold.

Here are two ways action plans can help your sports performance:

1) Stay More Present

This is both leading up to your competition as well as within it. When you map out how you will handle the 'what ifs' of a situation, when your mind wanders into the future and starts thinking about them, you can remind yourself of your game plan to handle it and more quickly bring yourself back to the present moment. It also helps you stay present in your competition. When you know what you will do if something comes up within your performance, there is a greater ability to be in the present moment.

Mental performance coaching and mindset training for elite athletes in San Diego and Los Angeles. Education in the field of sport psychology.

2) Increase confidence

Preparation is a core element of internal solid confidence, known as prime confidence. Action plans are a part of your mental preparation. Thinking about, addressing, and making a game plan in advance for handling different situations is helping you be prepared for your competition. With that, you will enter into your competition feeling more confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way during your competition, which ultimately will also help you be more present and perform at a higher level.

Make sure you create action plans a few days from your competition; some action plans might be the same as before, and in this case, an excellent opportunity to review them. This will help you stay more present and feel more confident and relaxed heading into your competition.

To your success,


About: Kate Allgood is trained in the field of applied sport psychology. She holds two Masters degrees in psychology where she graduated with distinction. She has spent the past 14 years working one on one with high school, college, Olympic, and professional athletes to help them with their mindset, mental performance and mental skills training. Kate has also been a consultant for professional teams, including the Anaheim Ducks primary minor league affiliate the San Diego Gulls, to help the team and players develop their mental game. It is important to note that while Kate has graduate school training in applied sport psychology and general psychology, she does not diagnose or treat clinical disorders, and is not a licensed psychologist. 

**The information provided is not to dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique, either directly or indirectly, as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems, without the advice of a physician. The information provided is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for high performance. If you know or suspect you have a health problem, it is recommended you seek your physician's advice.


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