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Professional athlete mental training. Build mental toughness through mental skills coaching.

Why Us?

Next Level Sports Mental Skills Training

Take away the guesswork and learn scientifically proven strategies to help you become resilient and mentally strong

We Get You!

We understand the demands athletes and other high performers face, because we’ve been there. We know what it looks and feels like to be at the top.

American Football Player

“Working with Kate has been the best thing for my career and me. Before working with Kate, I had issues that I had no clue weren’t allowing me to flourish on and off the Football field. I had a hard time focusing and it was impacting me on and off the field and I didn’t even notice it. Working with Kate really helped me to learn how to get in my zone no matter where I was or what I was doing. I went from being just a player on my team to a vocal leader and a dominant player. I went from a good student to an excellent student. I learned the best way to be efficient that worked for me.


- Nate McLaurin, Former College Football Player


  • Will I be able to put it all together when everything is on the line?

  • Are certain conditions more likely to lead to success or failure for me?

  • What steps can I take to make sure I get the very best out of myself when it really counts?

  • Will I be able and willing to make the changes required to be more successful?

  • What are the drivers and limiters of my performance?

  • What mental skills technique or tool should I use and when to help deal with this issue?

We can do a better job of answering these types of questions, with nothing more than an assessment, information and a one hour interview, then most coaches and managers can after working with the individual on a daily basis for 6 months.


In spite of the impact assessments can have on success, formal testing rarely takes place. This is part of how we are different, and what makes our coaching and programs more effective and efficient.

Feedback of test information results in such comments as: 

  • I can’t believe you got all that from a test

  • Have you been at my practices and games for the past year?

  • That’s exactly what happened yesterday

  • That’s amazing, you described the situation perfectly.

  • Can you imaging where we would be if we’d known this stuff 3 years ago?

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Ready to move forward?

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