• Kate Allgood

Why use a mental performance assessment tool?

I am often why I use a mental performance assessment tool. The first response is because it allows me to get a lot of information in a brief period of time. Most of the information I would eventually figure out, but it would take approximately 40 hours of talking! That’s a lot of time. An assessment tool allows me to jump right into what we need to do and take action rather than spending the time with the individual collecting information. Now there are a lot of assessment tools out there, the one I choose to use is called The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory. So for this week I wanted to share with you what TAIS is and why I use it in my work with clients. The information below is what I give all prospective clients so they know the benefits of the assessment. 

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory measures the ways that individuals concentrate and interact with others; those concentration skills and interpersonal characteristics are the building blocks of performance.

TAIS does not measure optimal performance; by identifying the drivers and limiters of an individual’s own performance, it predicts how to help the individual achieve optimal performance. By understanding these predictors of performance, we develop a plan to improve specific mental skills, thereby enhancing performance.

TAIS is used to help people perform under pressure in sports, military, and business environments.


How does TAIS work?

TAIS is an easily self-administered instrument comprising 144 items. Each item describes a thought or behavior, or a general statement – you are asked to choose the response that most closely applies to you. Once you have finished the inventory, it will be analyzed by a computer database and the results will be used by Kate Allgood, a TAIS-certified coach, to predict how you will perform and develop a highly individualized performance enhancement program.

What evidence is there that TAIS works?

TAIS has been used by almost 1 million people over the past 37 years; it has been used by Olympic teams in the U.S., Australia, Italy, Singapore, and Spain, and with individual Olympians in numerous other countries. The tool has been translated into 11 languages.

Developed by Dr Robert Nideffer in 1976, TAIS is supported by his 25 years of research exploring the relationship between an individual’s concentration skills, their level of emotional arousal, and their ability to perform in high pressure situations.

Who Would Benefit?

TAIS is most widely used in sports, in the evaluation and training of high school, college, Olympic and professional athletes around the world. TAIS is also being used in business, and by the military and police forces to optimize performance under pressure.

Quick Facts

  1. An inventory of style, not ability or intelligence

  2. Administered online; clients are provided with username and password to login to the assessment; takes about 30 minutes to complete

  3. Results sent to Kate Allgood to interpret and develop performance program

  4. Paper version of TAIS inventory also available

Why choose Quantum Performance?

Kate Allgood is certified to administer and interpret TAIS. She herself was an elite hockey player for 18 years in Canada, prior to moving to San Diego to pursue a career in Sports Psychology and Muscle Activation Techniques. Kate has a double Masters of Science in Psychology in General and Sport Psychology, with an added concentration in Family Psychology.