• Kate Allgood

Why Athletes Should Think Like a Master Sculptor

Athletes can improve their performance by thinking like a sculptor

If you are an athlete you might be wondering why thinking like a master sculptor will help you perform better. I created this analogy after having a conversation with one of the professional athletes I have worked with. The reason I came up with the analogy was because we were talking about his frustration with where he was in the process. He had been struggling for a while and had started to make process and play better, but there was still room to grow. As he was getting better he reached a point many athletes do and was starting to get frustrated that he was further along the process.

In sports as in anything it is important to see the big picture, where you want to end up, but on a day to day basis you have to focus on what is right in front of you. If you don’t you can lose the focus you need to perform the way you can. This can happen by overthinking things, trying to do too much, getting frustrated, etc. So the sculptor analogy comes in because the sculptor needs to know the end product they want to produce. However, in order to get that end product each thing they do, each chip on the stone or marble they create must be done with precision and high level of focus. If not, it will impact the end product. It’s like driving at night on a road with no street lights. You know where you want to go, but in order to get there all you can do is focus on the next few meters in front of you provided by the lights from the car. This is how an athlete needs to approach their day to day life whether in season or in the off season. Know where you want to go but stay focused on just the next step, and do it to the best of you ability so that you can create the masterpiece later on.

If you need help in doing this please reach out to me and I will be happy to see how I can help.