• Kate Allgood

When working with an athlete do you just focus on their sport performance?

The Athlete as a Whole Person

An athletes’ sports performance and the rest of their life can not be separated from one another. As I often tell my clients, the issues that they are seeing within their sports performance stem from other areas of their life, or at least are also on display in other areas. Sports just gives more immediate feedback and thus many times it will be more noticeable in this arena. With this in mind, we can see that sports is really a reflection of how one is living their life. So in order to be able to help an athlete with their performance we must also explore the rest of their life. Thus while we apply skills and techniques specific to their sports performance these things can also be applied in all areas of life. It is why when speaking with parents, I emphasize that the skills that will be learned will go far beyond their child’s athletic pursuits.

Today I was working with a client, and discussing her frustration with a friend she was training with. The issue comes down to the fact that she likes control and this friend is often unpredictable in her behavior and how she decides to train that day. I pointed out this was a great opportunity to practice patience and focusing on herself and what she could control. This not only will be important for her race, but also with life in general, whether it is sitting in traffic or dealing with a co-worker. The amount of energy and stress this situation created for her, shows how much energy and stress this issue creates in her life, and how much energy she uses up on things that she has absolutely no control on.

So the things that seem to be very obvious within your sports performance are also present elsewhere, and once you begin to understand the reason for this type of reaction or behavior than you can really make changes within your performance.

The fact that we work on the whole person is one of the reasons many parents like having their kids work with us. They want their kids to learn the necessary mental skills that will not only help them within their present situation within a sport but also for their life in general now and in the future. Check out the video below for more information on this topic.

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