• Kate Allgood

What Lies Beneath your sports performance

What lies beneath your sports performance means where do you place your focus when it comes to your performance? As the diagram below shows, there are two types of performance. External, what everyone sees and internal, what very few or no one sees. Too often we focus on the external performance, rather than working on and placing focus on the internal performance. Just like an iceberg internal performance creates most of the overall performance, however, it is beneath the surface. It is what is going on far from the performance others will see. The problem is that we often reverse the two. We think the external performance is as big as what is shown as the internal performance and the internal performance is as much as what is shown as the external performance.


So when it asks what lies beneath your sports performance, I want you to look at what you are doing to build and strengthen your overall performance but putting more focus on the bigger part. Do you get enough sleep? Do you eat right? Do you put in extra work? Do you sacrifice your social life to get the rest you need? Do you work on the mental side of your performance? It is important to find the fun, joy and passion in working on the things no one will ever see, but will go into making your performance (iceberg) bigger, more stable and able to take down anything that comes your way. This journey is yours and no one else’s. Those that find success strive to continually improve themselves and do the things no one else is willing or able to consistently do beyond the lime light.

Champions aren’t made through big moments, they are made through small, seemingly unimportant moments, this is what allows them to thrive and grasp the big moment when it arrives.

To your success,