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Mindset Training for Athletes: What do your patterns say about your sports performance?

What do your patterns say about your behavior and sports performance? There is the famous saying that actions speak louder than words. I would go one step further and argue that patterns speak louder than actions and words. Words and actions can lie, and can show in the moment what we want to see or what we want others to see about us. We can work hard in a moment, maybe a tryout to make it look like we are a hard worker, we can even talk about all the extra practice we are doing. We can create a picture that makes it seem like we are doing something we truly are not, and then we often wonder why we are not getting the results we want.

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Patterns are a sign of consistent behavior, they show what is really going on. Patterns do not lie, they tell the truth, they show what type of person and athlete you are. The reason I bring this up is because I have had a few clients who have talked about how they are not getting the playing time they want, but they don’t put in the effort or show a good attitude in practice, only when they think the coach is watching during tryouts or when it matters during games. Coaches are always watching, they are watching to see what you do when you think they are not watching. Even if they are not watching, what you do away from the eyes of others will always come through. Are you really working your hardest when no one is watching? Behavior patterns show your character, and will tell you why you are not getting the results you want. 

Patterns are habits and routines we have created, and so they can be very hard to create or if we want to change. What patterns are you showing? Do you have a pattern of putting in extra work or only when someone tells you to or you think someone is watching you in that moment. Same with all the other habits and behaviors that are necessary for high performance. What is the pattern of your thinking? Do you think negatively? Do you know things will work out? If you truly want to get to a new level in your sports performance look at the patterns of your life and that will tell you where you need to make some adjustments. 

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