• Kate Allgood

The State of Flow – Achieving Peak Sports Performance

Achieving peak sports performance is what every athlete is trying to accomplish, and there is no better way to do so than by utilizing the state of flow or being “in the zone” as it is termed in the world of athletics. In the world of athletics people have often heard the phrase, being “in the zone”, and people have a general idea of what that means but might not understand the underlying mechanisms to help one achieve being “in the zone”. To better help in understanding how one achieves being “in the zone” the flow model seen below illustrates the necessary balance between the difficulty of the task and the perceived skill level of an individual. While there are a number of components for someone achieving a flow state and reaching their peak sports performance to simplify things we are just going to focus on the challenge of the task and the perceived skill level of an individual.

If a task is not very challenging and does not require a lot of skill then a person is likely to feel apathy, if however a task is very challenging but the perceived skill level of the individual is low than one is likely to feel anxious. The trick is to find a challenge that is significant and interesting combined with well developed skills so that we are confident we can meet the challenge. When these two things line up we are more likely to enter a state of flow, and perform up to our potential. In this state you feel energize, joyful, time seems to pass away as your entire focus is on the task at hand, with everything else around you fading into the back ground.

Peak Sports Performance Chart

As mentioned above there are a number of other components involved and if you are interested in learning more than visit this website for more details.