• Kate Allgood

The secrets to getting into the zone

Top Keys to Getting Into the Zone

Getting into the zone is an amazing feeling as an athlete. The ability to be so much in the flow that you are able to fully display your full potential. While there are no guarantees for getting into the zone, there are things that you can do to help increase the chances and frequency of getting into the zone.

9 Elements to Getting Into the Zone

1.Balance between challenge faced and the skills required to meet it: This is basically saying that the challenge of the task needs to be high, as well as your skill set and perceived skill set need to be high. If there is any other mix of the two you won’t get into the zone. For many athletes it is their perceived skill set that is the problem. They do not feel they have what it takes to take on the challenge. Obviously a challenge that is far beyond what someone is capable of is not good, but a challenge is required, it stretches you, and makes you become better.

2. The presence of clear goals: Goals are extremely important, but it is also important to make sure that the goals are very clear. The more clear the better. The closer you will hit the target you are aiming for.

3. Unambiguous feedback on the pursuit of those goals: Feedback back also needs to be clear, whether from yourself or another person. If there is a lot of room left up for debate or interpretation it can impact the flow state.

4. Merging of action and awareness such that the activity almost feels automatic

5. Total concentration on the task at hand

6. Sense of control: It is important not to try and control things, but to know what you can control and control those elements of the experience.

7. Loss of self consciousness: This is also known as a loss of self scrutiny. Not worrying about how you look, or what others might think. Just being in the moment.

8. Transformation of time. Neither slows or speeds up: It just becomes what it is in that moment. Most people in the zone will talk about the transformation of time, and how it changed from what they general experience.

9. Intrinsically rewarding: It needs to be done for you, and is rewarding for your own reasons rather than for something outside of yourself.

So there you have it, nine elements that help with getting into the zone. If you are interested in learning more for a limited time I am offering my book Get Into the Zone for free in PDF version here.