• Kate Allgood

The Little Things Make the Big Difference in your Sports Performance

When I say the little things make the big difference in your sports performance  I am talking about how the tiniest of details is what usually separates the great athletes from those who just barely make it. Everyone is looking for that one big or great thing that they can do or accomplish that will get them on track for being a top athlete. However, like an avalanche that picks up steam and speed as it goes down the mountain, the little things you can do are what will give you the momentum to build to great moments.

Most people aren’t willing to do the little things because they are not flashy or at the time seem insignificant and meaningless to your journey. However, you look at any truly successful person who has been able to maintain that success over a period of time, and ask them their secret, they will talk about things like meditation, exercise, daily time to reflect or eating healthy. These are the elements that fuel their success. They focus on the little things they can control and know keep them confident, positive and focused and continue to do them to create a strong foundation for their success. If you want success, you have to be disciplined and doing the little things requires great discipline. Most people don’t understand the discipline necessary to succeed and so they never get very far. A lot of people know what they need to do, but very few will actually put it into actions.

So I challenge you to take a look at your life. What little things do you know if you do make you a better person, a more confident, happy, balanced individual? What of those things are you not doing on a regular basis? Start implementing them back into your life. Many people get off track with doing the little things that help them. I have a golfer who knew how powerful and beneficial imagery was before each shot, but got away from doing it, and has now just reimplemented it back into his game, and he is immediately seeing and feeling the difference. What about the food you eat? Many people know the foods they should stay away from and the foods that make them feel good, and more focused and yet they continue to eat what they shouldn’t and don’t eat what they should. So implement back into your life one thing you know will benefit you as a person, and start to notice the change in your performance.