• Kate Allgood

The importance of shifting gears in sports

The importance of shifting gears in sports means learning to go from an athlete mindset to your everyday mindset. I had two conversations this week about this topic. One was with an NFL player, who is about to head into training camp. Camp starts next week and usually what he has done in the past is spend every second possible at home before heading to camp. This year he has the ability to drive to where he will be playing the season, and he made the choice to drive and leave home a bit earlier than he would if he was going to fly, because it gives him time to shift gears. To mentally get ready for training camp and the season. He will have a couple days to leave the summer behind and get ready for football mode.

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Now for many people having a week or a couple days to shift gears might not be necessary or an option. The point is that even in our everyday life we need to shift gears. From being a student to an athlete and back again or being the athlete and then shifting gears to be with your family. Everybody needs to find the ability to shift gears in their life. Whether it is in a car ride or educating the people in your life you need 30 mins alone unbothered when you first get home, to mentally get where you need to be to fully be present to the people in your life.

So think about the areas in your life where you need to shift gears, and how you are going to do so. Be creative, there is no set way on how to do this, but know that by doing so you will notice a difference in how present you are in the different aspects of your life and how much more you enjoy them. While the quantity of time you spend with others might decrease, the quality will be better.

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