• Kate Allgood

Super Bowl Mindset

Super Bowl Mindset: How to Develop a Champions Mental Game

The super bowl was played this past Sunday, and for anyone who watched they saw one of the greatest comebacks of all time. It is in games like these where a true champion shines through. The ability to Tom Brady and the Patriots to come back from such a large deficit shows an incredible mental toughness and mindset to never give up that is second to none.

Many people wonder what it takes for such a comeback to occur or for a team to fall apart and give up such

To have a peak mindset, one that will help you not only be your best but perform like Tom Brady under pressure requires work far beyond the field. This month I will be talking in depth on different things that need to be done away from the limelight, practice and games that will allow you to develop a champions mindset and succeed when the moment comes where you need to dig deep and find another level. First up, check out the below video on creating a wellness checklist.