• Kate Allgood

Success in sports and developing self awareness

The importance of self awareness

Today I wanted to talk about success in sports and the need to develop self awareness in order to do so. Self awareness is a skill set that is needed in order for an athlete to be successful but rarely is it something that athletes focus on developing. I am not sure if that is because it is not flashy or maybe a lack of understanding as to why this is needed or simply not knowing it is needed. Whatever, the reason hopefully this article will help clear some of it up and help you understand why you should start to develop greater self awareness.

Different parts to self awareness

Self awareness has different parts to it and different reasons to need to develop it. First, is understanding who you are. What are your strengths & weaknesses, your values and goals. This is important because we need to know what we are good and what we need to improve for the next phase of the equation and because we need to know who we are to know if we are living a life that is congruent with who we are. It has been shown that congruency is extremely important for success in sports.

Exercises to have success in sports

So if you are wanting to be a successful athlete, start by figuring out what your strengths and weakness, write them down, then figure out what your values are, and set your goals. Next based on this first step figure out 3-5 skills you need to develop to be successful in the future, and make sure to also write down how you will develop these skills. Just recognizing a need to develop a skill is step one, but you need to also know how you will develop it and then do it!

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