• Kate Allgood

Strategies to become more productive

Learn to be a more productive person

Being productive is a must for an athlete, especially if they are a student athlete. Student athletes only have a little bit of time for each thing they need to do while they balance sports and school, and often other things as well. Athletes sometimes can be the most productive individuals and the best at time management because of this. One of the reasons for this is that they understand how to prioritize and make sure to get the things done that really need to get done and leave the less important things for another time or not at all. So let’s look at how this can work if you struggle with this.

Make a Chart

There are four categories anything you have to do will fall under, which are a combination of two things. Importance and urgency. Things are either important and urgent, important and non urgent, non important and urgent or non important and not urgent. The trick is to spend most of your time doing things that are important but no urgent. This means you haven’t waited until the last minute and you have a good handle on things. Sometimes things we can’t control will fall on our lap and are urgent which usually puts them at the top of the list. However, if you are always putting out fires then life is pretty stressful and the important work sometimes get left undone. If you map it out early enough less and less things on your list are urgent because you have already taken care of them.

It is important to write out the list of things you need to do and then determine where they fall within the four categories. This will give you an idea of where to start your to do list. Hit: things that are non important and not urgent probably don’t really need to get done, but are often the things