• Kate Allgood

Staying motivated when times are tough

Staying motivated when times are tough is not always easy, usually it is down right difficult. Even those people who seem to always be motivated and moving forward have down times, times when they just don’t feel like they can keep going. What separates those people from the rest is they find ways to help motivate them. It is always best to primarily be motivated from within, but every once in a while it is necessary to use outside motivation to help us continue even when we don’t feel like it. Having someone help is always good, but often that is just not an option. So I wanted to share with you this week one of the ways I stay motivated when times get tough or I just don’t have the energy required.

Motivational videos for me really help to keep me motivated and my feet moving. I am not sure 100% why that is, but I think the combination of motivational words, with music and visuals helps to stimulate the needed push I need to keep moving forward. There are times when I listen to certain videos multiple times a day, simply because I am really in need of some support and help.

Most people don’t have go to ways for helping them stay motivated, and it is essential for any athlete to find what will work for them, and use it as needed. I know some people who just like to listen to motivational speeches, that for them works the way motivational videos do for me. Whatever it is you choose to use, make sure to apply it when needed, if you don’t put it into action then no motivational tool will help you keep your feet moving forward!