• Kate Allgood

Sports performance requires having a great team

Who you surround yourself with impacts your sports performance

Having a great team is not about the team you may play on. It is about the people you surround yourself. You probably have friends and family who are there to support you, help you succeed, cheer you up when needed and celebrate your accomplishments. Family and friends are a great start to creating your team, but it also requires having people around you who can help you with things your family and friends can’t. Depending on your goals that might be nutrition, mindset, technical and tactical elements, conditioning, overall coaching etc.

My job is to help people with their mindset, and sometimes maybe help direct them to other people who can round out their team. For a long time people saw psychology as a field that was there for when things were bad, but now people are understanding that someone in my position is apart of the team to help them get where they want to go. No different then a coach or trainer. The path to success is long and hard, and it requires have a great team and support system to help you get there. You will not have all the answers, and if you are smart you know to surround yourself with people who do. You don’t have to be the smartest person you just need to find others who are smart to help you get where you want to go. I once heard a fact that Bill Gates has a coach for every aspect of his life. He knows he is not the expert in everything, so he surrounds himself with those who are to help him continue to succeed. Who is your support team beyond your parents and friends? Do you know who they should be? If you don’t I would be happy to help. Send me an email at or fill out this contact form.