• Kate Allgood

Sports performance and anger

Sports performance and anger is a hot topic right now. Anger is an emotion that can either fuel us positively or distract us from what we are needing to do. How it impacts you all comes down to awareness, control and learning how to use it to your advantage. Most people believe that anger is a negative emotion, but for an athlete, given the circumstance and the degree of anger that is being felt it can be used to boost your energy, focus, motivation and drive. All of which will result in an increase in your performance. However, most people let anger cloud their vision, they make mistakes because of it, and it distracts them from the task at hand. Emotions are there to fuel us but should not get in the way of what is in front of us.  

One of the most important aspects of learning to navigate anger and make it work for you not against you comes down to your awareness. Most people don’t become aware until after they have done or said something based on their anger and then realize it was not the best thing. Our anger becomes too much and impacts us in negative ways when we are not aware of the slow progression up to that point. A burst of anger or rage does not just happen. Many things have lead up to that moment. It could be as small as stubbing your toe as you get out of bed in the morning that puts you in a bad mood, and then each thing after that point during your day that doesn’t go according to how you would like it to go just builds upon it until you finally reach your boiling point in critical moments. If you gain awareness early enough on and mitigate it then, then it won’t build. Once you stub your toe for instance stop, take care of the anger then and move on so that it doesn’t continue to build. 

So try and become more aware of the subtle development of your anger and how you can address it earlier on so that it doesn’t reach a boiling point. When it doesn’t reach a boiling point it can be a very powerful emotion to help you perform at a high level.