• Kate Allgood

Mental Performance Training; college athletes

College athletes are role models

Recently there have been a couple articles in the newspaper on college athletes conducting themselves in inappropriate ways, resulting in suspensions. College athletes have always at times not behaved in the most appropriate ways, the difference now is social media, and cell phones. When I was in college cell phones did exist but there was no picture capability, and social media was just beginning to start up. The chances of a picture or video being taken and posted were very slim. However, now it is almost a certainty that if a picture or video is taken it will be posted or passed around. Given this while athletes in the past should have conducted themselves with higher integrity, today it is even more important because like it or not college athletes are even more in the spotlight then every before.

While I work with my clients, I don’t just talk to them about their on field performance, I talk to them about how they conduct themselves and how it can impact them as athletes. Athletes are role models, and are set to a higher standard, it is apart of the privilege of being an athlete, and in college usually is apart of being lucky to get a scholarship. Some athletes don’t like being held to a higher standard but the reality is that an athlete is and should be held to a higher standard. As an athlete you represent not only yourself but also your school, in college it is bigger then just the athlete.

I have a number of videos on youtube that go over various topics an athlete needs to look at, a few of them talk about character, and integrity (see video below). Sometimes things like integrity will impact the athlete directly by impacting their trust and confidence in themselves. Sometimes it impacts them indirectly, by getting in trouble, suspended or fined. Being suspended when your in college impacts your reputation as a person and is something that can never be taken back. Integrity is about how you behave when you belief no one is watching. And now a days you never know when someone is watching or recording you. While it might seem like a big task to always worry about how you are behaving, if you are a person with good integrity, and character you won’t have to, because your behavior will always be of the highest standard. You can still have fun, but you do so with integrity.

If you are looking to go to college for a sport and have all the skill you need but maybe know you need work on how you will represent yourself and your school, feel free to contact me and find out how I can help you not only be the best athlete for college, but also the type of person you will need to be to truly succeed.

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