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Sport Mental Performance Coaching: 5 Keys to Master Recovery

Recovery in Sports and Life: How Best to Approach it

Athletes understand recovery and its importance more than most people. Athletes purposefully put themselves into stressful situations, and in order to continually do this and be able to perform well, they must master they recovery as well. Right now for everyone recovery is key. It is key to dealing with stress and it is a wonderful time to practice and figure out the best recovery strategy for you. So that you can continue the process of developing your recovery strategy for your performance and sport. Recovery is both mental and physical. I think most athletes understand the physical more so than the mental. Due to this probably end up spending more time on the physical recovery than the mental, but both are equally important.

5 Keys to Master Recovery

1.Sleep Well: Sleeping is extremely important to recovery. We know this more so than ever. The old notion that you can get by on little sleep, and almost to brag about how little sleep you got is fading away. LeBron James gets 12 hours a sleep a night, he understands that is what he needs. This might not be the amount you need, but most high end athletes get between 9-12 hours. So make sure you are continually getting the sleep you need. Don’t stay up extra late just because you can, make sure you are keeping routines in place to get the best sleep you can. If you want some tips on sleep here is a blog a did on it.

2. Eat Well: Most of you also understand the importance of eating well. What you put into your body has a great impact on the performance of your body. The same is true for the mind. So while you may not need to be performing physically right now, you need to make sure you are doing what you can to help yourself mentally stay healthy and well.

3. Move Well: While how we can be active looks very different right now. It is still important to move and get exercise. This also greatly helps our mental health and is important to get some good exercise in to deal with the stress.

4. Think Well: How you think, your self talk is very important right now. It is easy for the mind to wander and think of all the possible future scenarios that could happen. Find a way to use this time to work on your self talk, staying present and thinking in terms of a more neutral mindset.

5. Laugh Well: Laughter is the best medicine for tension and stress. I tell athletes all the time that the best way to stay loose and having fun is to laugh! Make sure you are laughing, not only does it help break through tension and stress but is also good for your immune system.

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