• Kate Allgood

Self Confidence and Professional Athletes

I work with a lot of young athletes, some of whom have aspirations of playing in college and some even to become a professional in their sport. Often when talking with them, they see these professionals athletes and think that once they also reach that level they will have the confidence they want. However, it takes one to already have the confidence to be able to make it to the top. One of the aspects of confidence that helps any athlete feel confident is the results they are getting. While when I initially start with a client, this is not the area of confidence I start with, as many are overly focused on results.This is still an area that needs to be looked at, because results do count for something. Results are important for confidence, not only in yourself but also for others to have the confidence in you to get the job done when it matters.

It is not all about results, but results are apart of the equation, and must be taken into consideration especially after all other factors of confidence are there. You can have great character, you can have all the capabilities you need, but if you are not delivering then all the other factors will not carry as much weight. Professional athletes are where they are because of the results they have gotten. It is not always easy, and rarely takes the path one foresees but the bottom line is one must get results to truly have confidence. If you need to find a creative way to do so, then do, if you need to take another approach, then do. Do whatever it takes, as long as it is not illegal, unethical or cheating, then find whatever way possible to get the results you need to get. Those who find any way possible to get results are the ones who succeed. Those who give up or just keep trying the same thing over and over again with the same results are the ones who don’t succeed, and wonder how others do.