• Kate Allgood

Self Awareness and High Performance

Why Athletes Need to Develop Self Awareness

In sports most of the time when awareness is being discussed it is in terms of situational awareness, but just as important to an athletes success and being able to have consistent high performance is self awareness. Knowing yourself, how you react to certain situations or triggers can allow you to not only increase your chances to do something about it in a moment but also prevent it from happening. However, most athletes don’t know they need this or don’t want to do the necessary work to develop it. Self awareness requires time away from your athletic endeavor. It requires, things like meditation, reflection of a game (separate from analyzing it), using scales and other measuring tools to help to gain greater understanding of themselves. It is not flashy and it is not something that will impact your performance right away. It takes time and this is why I think most athletes maybe don’t do it, because they don’t see instantaneous results.

To help you know how self aware you are. Do you truly know the factors that influence a good performance versus a bad performance? If you do not or don’t have a clear idea on all the factors you need to do this. A good number of athletes I work with who I ask this question to don’t know. They think there is no difference. They will complain they did nothing different and have no idea why they had a bad performance. Good or bad performance don’t happen by chance, there are factors that contribute. Winning or losing can be beyond your control, but feeling like you did what you could is within your control. Saying it is not, is not being aware of yourself and your role in your performance.

For a suggestion on how to help with self awareness check out this video.