• Kate Allgood

Responding to adversity

How do you respond to adversity? Do you try and numb yourself, run from the feelings or try and mask them. What are the thoughts you allow yourself to think when you are feeling down?

Challenging times are apart of life, and how we respond to them is critical for our happiness and success. Often times when we face adversity we find things that feel good but are not necessarily good for us. It always seems more challenging to do the things that are good for us. The magic happens when we find what feels good and what is good for us.

Things that feel good can include indulging in unhealthy food, or alcohol, compared to things that are good for us, such as exercise, or meditation. Another way we make choices is with our own thoughts. It maybe easier to be angry or frustrated, than to choose positive thoughts. A lot of the time anger is easier to deal with than the underlying emotion that exists.

Adversity offers the opportunity for growth and change. Both of which can be hard if you truly put in the effort. We can create a false pretense of change or we can actually change. The latter is extremely difficult to do and takes a lot of courage but can be amazing in the end.

So this week I challenge you to try and face adversity in a positive way, with positive thoughts and behaviors. And if there is anything that needs to change, to dig deep and take the necessary actions to make the change that is required.