• Kate Allgood

Progress in your sports performance

Progress in your sports performance, is pretty common topic that comes up with each client. Many individuals who come and see me at one point or another get frustrated with their progress or lack of. As humans we have a need to create a timetable for how long it should take us to get to a certain point. What makes it even harder is that it is not just us that creates the timetable but also parents, coaches, scouts etc. This need to be a certain level or have accomplished a certain skill set by a certain time puts a create deal of stress on individuals. Every person will progress at a different pace, and there is no perfect pace out there. 


I have seen it happen many times when a child athlete excels extremely quickly, and then due to a number of factors, pressure, not learning to work hard because skill came too easy early on, not being able to deal with the fact others at some point will catch up, eventually end up quitting or not reaching the level many people thought they would. While there are other athletes out there that are slow out of the gate, but make slow and steady progress and end up becoming the best athletes. One of the things I tell many athletes who feel they are not as good as others, is that it is better to peak later on in life, than during high school. Many high school athletes don’t make it in college or professionally. Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team. He became arguably one of the best to have ever played the game. 

Sometimes the lack of expectations for an athlete who is not showing great talent at a young age allows them to be great later on, because there is no pressure. While, the athlete that was the star at a young age has too many expectations and too much pressure put on them, and they never reach their full potential because of the mental strain it places on them. 

There is no timetable out there, don’t let others create one for you. Progress is progress, and if you continue to move forward that is all you can do.