• Kate Allgood

Pressure is a privilege

Pressure can be overwhelming sometimes and today I want to talk about how pressure is a privilege and with changing your perspective to see it this way you can take a step towards embracing pressure and no longer feeling the strain or stress often associated with it.

I work with a lot of clients who are under an immense amount of pressure. Whether that is from their sport, school, a combination, work, family, or balancing everything. A lot of the time this becomes too much for them to deal with on the journey to becoming great at something and becomes too much to handle. First, it is important to understand that pressure is needed to a degree, without pressure we would not reach our highest potential. We need it to push ourselves, and to get into the right mind frame to succeed. Too little pressure can have the same impact on our level of performance. The idea is not to get rid of pressure but to find a way to tap into it in a way that works for you and to find the right amount of pressure that works for you.


One of the ways to do this is to reframe the pressure that is being placed upon you, either from yourself or from others. The title of this blog is one of the ways to do this. There are many people out there who will never know what it is like to go after their dreams, to succeed at something or know the feeling of being extremely good at something. If you find yourself in a position where there is pressure it means you have grown and developed into a position to have that pressure. It is a privilege to have pressure it means you are succeeding, you are striving for something not many people ever have the ability or will to do. It is a privilege to be in a position where eyes are on you or where you want something bad enough or are being looked at to deliver.

Now saying this there is a difference between pressure that is there and pressure you are putting on yourself or someone is putting on you unnecessarily, there is such as thing as too much on your plate or biting off more than you can chew. I work with a lot of young athletes who feel the pressure to get into a good school, and there is a need to see both sides. Pressure for them is a privilege because they are in a position to go to college and get a good education, while it is typical in America for this to happen there are many young people throughout the world who would love to just go to any college. So to be in a position where you have the opportunity to maybe go to a very good college is a privilege. Now on the other hand, I believe the pressure that is being placed on young people to know what they should major in or the need to go to a great school, when there are so many in the U.S, is too much.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure within your life, try and reframe the pressure. Look at it from different angles, see where maybe you are fortunate to have the pressure, and then also take steps to have only as much pressure as you need. If you need to reduce the amount of things you commit to, do. If you are afraid you might not get into a good school, start to investigate all the great schools in the U.S and abroad to see that while you might not go to your first choice you will still have the opportunity to get a great education. And anyone who has really succeeded in life knows it is not the school you go to, nor the information you learn but how you use that information and the connections you make that truly matter.

To your success,