• Kate Allgood

Peak performance in sports: How to use meditation to increase creativity

Meditation and Peak Performance

Peak performance in sports and creativity to go hand in hand. Creativity is interwoven in high levels of performance. You can see it in a variety of sports when an athlete does something new or different then has every been done before. One of the ways we can actually become more creative in sports is through meditation. The reason for this is that meditation and creativity have a very similar brain wave and consciousness. 

Implicit vs Explicit Decision Making

To understand this it is important to understand that we have two distinct decision making styles. Explicit, which is rule based and tied to conscious thinking. Then there is implicit which is our gut reaction and intuition. When we are being our most creative we are tapped into our intuitive decision making, also known as the implicit style decision making. When we are using our intuitive we are more in align with the same brain wave that we know occurs during meditation. Like anything the more we practice being in this state and get used to being in it the more easily we can access it when needed. This in turn leads to us being able to more easily tap into a creative decision making style through meditation.