• Kate Allgood

Peak Performance in Sports: Circle of Control

What are the controllable to achieve peak performance in sports

Peak performance in sports can come when we choose to focus on what we can control rather than on what we can not control. It is human nature to want to control a situation, and often times this causes us to focus on those things that are not 100% in our control, which only makes our frustration worse. When it comes to control there are two parts within sports we can control. Our mind and our body. Within those two aspects there are two aspects we can control.

Control your mind

When looking to gain control within the mind, the two factors we can control are our attitude and our thoughts. You can make the choice to have a negative attitude, or a position attitude. To try and see the good in something or to decide to grit it out. We can choose to focus on the thoughts in our head that don’t serve us or help us achieve our goal. We can choose to let the thoughts in our heads run wild or to be mindful of our thoughts and to pay attention with non judgement to our thoughts and what they are telling us.

Control your body

The things we can control in our body comes down to our effort and actions. You can control giving 100% of the effort you have each day. Each day that 100% will look different but you can give 100% or you can choose not to. You can control the actions you take. You can focus on moving your feet, good positional play, smart tackles, or anything else within your sport that is part of the tactical or technical parts of the game.

These four things you can control. Anything outside of them most likely has an element not within your control. when you focus on controlling your thoughts, attitude, actions and effort you put yourself into a position to reach high levels in your performance.

These are also things that go beyond the field, into life and how you choose to approach each day. When we focus on what we can control every day and doing the best we can with them, we become better people. The better we become as people the better we become at doing the things we love.