• Kate Allgood

Myths about being the best athlete

Myths about being the best athlete is to look at a few things that many people believe need to exist to reach a high level of performance. To do this I am going to take the example of one of the best athletes today, Usain Bolt. You can not argue with what he has done and will probably accomplish during Rio. There was an article written on him a few weeks ago in Sports Illustrated, and it reminded me that many of my younger athletes get caught up too much on factors that ultimately don’t play as large a role in how far you will go with a sport as they may think.

Myth #1: You have to be technically sound to reach a high level. In the article on Bolt it talks about how he is not classically efficient. He holds his chest too high, and his shoulders rise and fall. Yet he is the best sprinter for the 100 and 200 meters. I’m not saying technique is not important and can definitely help an athlete, but it is not everything. Look at the best baseball pitchers, they have some unorthodox techniques. Too often I hear my clients talk about their form and technique and blame it for having a bad performance. Don’t get caught up in technique to determine how far you want to go with your sport, improve it if you need to but, understand what is happening between the ears determines a lot more where you will end up then you technique.

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Myth #2: The best athletes love training. Athletes are very lazy people, they almost have to be in order to be able to put in the effort they due during training. Bolt talks about how he doesn’t like training and how lazy of a person he is. Yet he still does it, and finds ways to get it done and get the results he wants. The training it takes to the be the best is not fun, it is not pleasant, it is not something anything athletes generally likes. But their drive and passion for being the best supersedes the discomfort they will feel during training. They find ways to get through it.

Myth #3: You need to be serious to be successful. Yes it is important to take what you are doing seriously and do the steps necessary. But there is a difference between that and being too serious. Bolt is enjoying himself before a race. While other athletes looks like their heads might explode he is laughing and having fun. He understands that while taking things seriously is important, you have to balance it with having fun and enjoying yourself. You need to be loose and relaxed to compete well, not just stressed out and worried about everything.

Watching the different athletes as the Olympics are going on, and see if any other athlete is like Bolt. Good, but maybe not the best technique, and having fun.

To your success,