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Mindset Training for Athletes: Don't Let a Bad Day Distract You

We are all human, as apart of being human is having good days and bad days. Or even bad weeks and good weeks. There is a natural up and down nature of being human and of being an athlete. Too often we get caught up in the bad day or week and don't see the big picture of how far we have come or all the good days that surrounded the one bad day.

One of the reasons for this is we do have a negativity bias, so we are more prone to focus on the bad instead of the good, and we tend to put more weight and emphasis on the bad. We analyze the bad and repeat it in our minds over and over again, feel it more than we give ourselves the permission to feel the good days. To celebrate our small success and figure out what made a good day a good day.

Sometimes we get stuck on the bad day because we don't know what to do, or how to make the next day better. We maybe don't have the mental skill of unpacking what occurred and how we can change our behaviors and how to approach something so we don't repeat it again. We must look at all parts of the equation. What sometimes is known as the full catastrophe. We can't just see one small part and think that is reflective of the bigger picture. It is often hard to look at the full picture, we might be scared of what we see or what we will have to face if we do.

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This picture above is a great representation of what I am talking about. There is a natural duality that needs to occur, where we are present and focused on today, and what we need to do, while at the same time seeing there is more going on then the things we are seeing that day. We need to be all in, with the mindset that our sport is the only thing that matters when we are in it, but then have the ability when we are done to see it doesn't really matter in the big picture, that it doesn't define us and see beyond it and what happened that day.

So make sure you don't let the bad days or weeks distract you from what you can do to make the next day or week better. Focusing on what you can control, knowing that the bad days need to exist in order for there to be good days.

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