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Mindset Training for Athletes: Discipline on a Daily Basis

I got a request to talk about discipline and how to bring it into everyday life. The interesting thing is is that discipline comes from your everyday life, so really in order to have discipline in your sports performance and training, you need to have it everyday. Everyday you get an opportunity to practice having discipline and making choices based off of it. To be extraordinary requires a deep level of commitment and this requires discipline. On the mental side this requires it in doing certain things differently as well as disciplining your mind so that you can have the one pointed focus you need to unlock your full potential.

Mindset training for athletes is not just about what you do around your sport, in practice and competition, it is about creating a daily mindset that allows you to flourish everyday as well as in high stakes and critical moments. You can't just pick and choose when you will have the mindset you need, you have to make the choice to have it everyday, so that when a moment arises when you really need it you have practiced it to the point where it is automatic. Everyday provides you an opportunity to practice having the mindset you want and need.

Disciplining your mind is not easy, if it were a lot of people would be able to do it, and wouldn't come seek my help. Being ordinary requires very little, if any commitment and discipline, so to set yourself apart you need to look at where your mind is every moment of the day. Does your mind take over? Does it go and think about whatever it wants to? Does it create all kinds of stories telling you, you are not good enough, or worrying abut what others think? Or do you control your mind, and what it is focused on? One of the best ways to do this is through mindfulness. Mindfulness includes meditation but not all mindfulness is meditation. So while meditation is one of the best practices of mindfulness, if you don't want to start there for whatever reason, you can still practice mindfulness without meditating. Saying that I do highly encourage you to move towards meditating at some point, as it is one of the best ways to discipline your mind.

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Even if you do meditate, you still have to then take what you have practiced into your everyday life, and to make sure you are not just going through the motions of meditation without really focusing your mind on a single point, such as your breath. Can you be present during your day? When you brush your teeth or drive your car? Can you be present when you are listening to someone talk, and not be thinking about your own response before they are done? After making a mistake can you bring your mind to what is in the now, and not let it stay on what has happened?

To perform up to your true potential, requires being in the moment, and that requires great discipline on your part, to practice this everyday. Do you take advantage of the many opportunities to practice how you would like to be in your performance or do you let them slip away and decide to be ordinary?

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