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Mindset Training - Finding The Approach That Works For You

With the Olympics having now come to an end, there was no shortage of moments and spotlight on the mental side. From Simone Biles, to other athletes dealing with the adversities that they faced in this very unique set of circumstances. You saw many athletes showing a lot of empathy and kindness towards their fellow competitors. Something that you might not always see to the same degree under normal circumstances. While things were hard for the athletes, it provided opportunities to show a side of them not often seen or put in the spotlight.

In this post I want to talk about knowing yourself, what you need, to help you deal with all the things that go on around you that are out of your control. There was a few articles that came out around Tom Daly, who is a British diver, seen knitting in the stands while watching other events. Daley said on Instagram that knitting has become his way of "finding calm, mindfulness and [it] relieves stress." Continuing on to mention how it has helped him stay sane throughout this whole process. This is someone who is in touch with himself and what he needs to help him perform and deal with the stress that goes along with it. He has brought two things he loves together. I have had some of my clients draw before competitions to help them deal with the anxiety or stress, and help them get into a flow state.

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In another article that came out we saw a German Judo athlete, get headlines for what she chose for a pre competition routine. Which was her coach, shaking her a bit and slapping her face. Now we could get into the argument of if that is appropriate, but for the purpose of this it is simply to illustrate the different approaches, different athletes need to help them. The key is knowing yourself, and understanding what works for you and what you need to get yourself to the mindset needed.

I also want to put a note in this that the fact Tom Daly has something else he loves and is passionate about that is not diving, also helps him. It helps him be a more balanced and well rounded individual, and gives him something to focus on when not diving, to not think about diving all the time. The knitting I am sure will be something he does after his competitive days are over, and will help with that transition as well.

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