• Kate Allgood

Mindset Tip for Golfers

Refocusing Tip for Golfers to Improve their Mindset

This weekend is the British Open for Golf and in honor of it I wanted to go over a mindset tip for golfers to help them refocus after a bad shot. This is something I have worked a lot on with both youth as well as professional golfers in the PGA and LPGA. It seems to be one of the most difficult at times and yet exceptionally important mental skills. To be able to have a bad shot and quickly learn from it without getting down on your self, and then focus on the next shot with the past shot completely out of ones mind is an important skill for a golfer and one that I see makes the difference between a successful pro golfer and one that is having difficulty with their game.

Golf is a game of shots not always going where one wants them to go. The best golfers know this, and know that it is not where the ball lands that matters but how you are able to rebound when a shot doesn’t go exactly where you had planned that is key. To be able to let go of a bad shot and refocus it comes down to being able to emotionally detach from the bad shot, fix the mistake quickly and then focus on where your ball is now and what you need to do to make a good shot next. So here is 3 steps to take in order to better go through the process in a way that will allow you to learn and let go of a bad shot.

3 F’s

The 3 F’s is a step by step method to help the mindset of a golfer after a bad shot and refocus on the next.

1.Fudge: This is the first of the three F’s and is the natural first emotional feeling one is going to have when something doesn’t go their way. This is normal, and so long as it is a brief second or two is not a problem. The problem comes in when that initial reaction gets carried forward and is still there come the next shot.

2. Fix it: The second F is about fixing the mistake in the mind quickly. This is done through visualization. To visualize right after the bad shot how you wanted that shot to go, is very powerful. You create a positive mental rep in your mind, and since the brain doesn’t know the difference between what we picture in our mind and what we do in reality, it now feels you have mad a good shot. It is also a way to tell the brain what you want to fix and how the shot was suppose to go. Doing it immediately is important.

3. Forget it: This F is about letting go and moving on. Some people can simply say “forget it”, others I suggest picking a spot about 10 steps ahead, and once you have past that point everything from the shot is now done and you have let go of any emotions you still have toward it.

So there you have it. The 3F’s is a mindset tip for golfers that can also be used by others sports at the right times, to help with letting go of mistakes. Give it a try!

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