• Kate Allgood

Mindset of High Performers

There is a certain mindset of high performers that sets them apart from others. Dr. Carol Dweck discovered that there are two different types of mindsets of performance in athletics or otherwise. The two types of mindsets are fixed and growth. An individual with a fixed mindset usually judges situations in terms of how they reflect upon their ability, which in their mind is permanent. A growth mindset individual, on the other hand, sees their abilities as capable of being cultivated. They recognize that challenging themselves is an exciting part of learning, and that failure is a necessary component of success.

I have seen this many time with athletes I have worked with. Those that overcome obstacles and have the mindset needed for high performance have a growth mindset. While others who see their results as a direct reflection of them, have a more difficult time pushing through obstacles. Athletes with a fixed mindset are also seen as uncoachable, as they hear messages of criticism differently then those individuals with a growth mindset. Fixed mindset athletes hear messages of criticism in terms of if they were talented enough they wouldn’t need to be coached, while growth mindset athletes  hear criticism from a stand point of the coach is trying to make them better.

A big part of the problem is how adults talk to kids, we are creating fixed mindset individuals by how we praise good performance based on ability, they are so talented and smart, rather we should praise based on effort.

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