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Mindset Coach: Getting Better at Who We Are Helps Us Get Better at What We Do

Mental training is very trendy right now, and hopefully the trend stays around, because it needs to be more than just a trend. It is something that helps athletes to thrive and reach their full potential. Mental training is necessary part of the equation to being an athlete and person, but it goes beyond what many think it looks like or means. When people think about sport psychology and mental training they usually think in terms of visualization, self talk, emotional arousal control and goal setting. All of which are important mental skills, that any athlete needs to have a good foundation, among many others. However, there is much more to sport psychology, mental training and your mindset than these elements.

You are a person first and foremost. Sports is something you do, it is not who you are, and while it is important to have skills, such as those mentioned above, to help you in a moment when you are competing, they are things that simply scratch the surface. Developing ourselves as people, is paramount to getting better at the things we do. You can not separate who you are from the things you do, you take yourself into each situation. So once some of the foundational mental skills are figured out, or even before hand, it is important to also spend time developing yourself. This can look different, such as understanding more about you own psychological framework, that has you look at things in a certain way, to understanding your personality and the tendencies that personality creates and how it impacts you. Do you have a clear understanding of the stories you create in your mind? Do you not only know what things get you off track or distracted, but also the best ways to manage them? How well do you know yourself?

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Getting to know yourself is a life long journey. We are always learning more about ourselves if we consciously decide to take a look, learn and become better. It is not easy, to look at ourselves and how we might get in our own way, how we are contributing to things in our lives. None of us our perfect, so we need to be able to be vulnerable with ourselves and go within and understand our own mind, this is what allows us to continually grow and flourish.

Getting to know yourself comes when you truly do some formal self reflection, being honest with yourself, and tearing down the walls of your ego. To be open to seeing things in a different way than you have before, and know that the way you perceive things is only one way to perceive things, but there are many other ways something could be perceived.

We create a lot of stories in our minds about how things are or why they are the way they are. These stories are just that stories. We don't have all the information the majority of the time, and even if we do, the story that is created about how things are comes from our perception of reality. So understand that while the story may feel and look real, it is just a story, and we need to understand what types of stories we tend to create, so that we can change the narrative of them. Or even better learn to remove the stories, and just be mindful and present of what is, not of what was or what could be.

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