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Mental Toughness Training for Athletes: Delayed is not Denied

One of the important things when it comes to mental toughness is being able to overcome obstacles and continue to persevere in the face of them. One of those obstacles is things not happening in the timing you would like. Rarely do things go according to plan and in the timing that you think it should or would like to. This is what I wanted to write about today, the ability to have a mindset to overcome something being delayed. Often times when things are delayed we feel we have been denied, and it won't happen. This can be the case if we give up and stop, but if we continue to move forward, often eventually it does happen, just not in they way and timing we thought.

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It is often hard when you want something so badly to have the perspective to see that things happen in the timing and way they are meant to, and that even if something is delayed for years, it can still happen. There are many instances of players wanting to win championships, and never doing so, but then winning them as coaches. For me I always wanted to be involved in the Olympics as well as win the Stanley Cup. While the Stanley Cup was not possible as a female hockey player, it is possible in the role I play now. Going to the Olympics was possible as an athlete, but for a variety of reasons it didn't work out, but I have been able to work with a couple athletes who are on the verge of going to the Olympics.

When I was the athlete I didn't see the possibility of what things could be in the future, I only saw what I wanted in that moment, and this is why I wanted to write about this. I am not saying it will be easy, but if you truly want something badly enough, then know that just because something doesn't happen in the timing you want doesn't mean you will be denied. So keep moving forward, keep the goal alive, and find ways to deal with the obstacles that will come your way, so that eventually what you set out to accomplish you eventually make happen.

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