• Kate Allgood

Mental Toughness Secrets of World Class High Performers

Everyone wants to know the secrets to be a high performer. While on one hand there is no secret, there are things that high performers do that others either aren't aware of, willing to do, or have the self discipline to do them consistently. While it could be argued that there are more or less than 5 keys to mental toughness, here are 5 things I feel high performers do when it comes to helping them with their mental toughness that others don't.

5 Keys to Mental Toughness

1. World class people are comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You should never be aiming for being comfortable. If you become comfortable for too long, you become complacent and this can lead to catastrophe. The aim is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings that come from being vulnerable, pushing your limits, risking failure and putting everything you have into what you are doing. If you are uncomfortable it means you are stretching and pushing yourself to be better.

2. Achievers know that there is no such thing as failure

They understand each experience is an opportunity to learn from. Failure is quitting and walking away, anything else, is a learning opportunity and an ability for you to get better. Each day you have the opportunity to fall and get back up, to learn, to grow and to become better then you were yesterday.

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3. Fun is a necessary part of the recipe for success.

High performers know that you need to enjoy what you are doing and have fun while doing it. It is not always going to be enjoyable or something you want to do, but overall you should be having fun while on your path. If you are not it is important to reassess the path you are on. Having fun doesn't mean you don't work hard, or take things seriously, it means you can do those things while still saying light and loose.

4. The determination to not only win but to prepare

I think most people have the determination to win, but very few have the determination to prepare. To do the necessary things each and every single day. That kind of self discipline is rare. High performers do the basics and do them all the time. They understand that the basics is not the same thing as easy. To do the basics is not easy, if it were everyone would be doing them all the time. Just because something looks easy doesn't mean it is easy.

5. World class achievers are decisive

High performers trust themselves and know that they will make mistakes in the decision making, but when the make a decision they are decisive, and move on. When we are indecisive more mistakes happen, and we are not clear on where we are going and what we need to do. Don't let the fear of making a mistake stop you from being decisive. Trust yourself, trust you will figure it out if something goes wrong and will learn how to be better next time.