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Mental Toughness and Curiosity

As you read the title you may wonder what curiosity has to do with mental toughness? Quite a lot. Having a curious mindset, requires us to step into the unknown, the uncertain and all the discomfort and vulnerability that goes along with it. When we look to what we don't know, we are placing ourselves in a position of navigating an area where we don't know the outcome. I see this a lot with clients when they stick with what they know, afraid to look outside of it, for fear it might make things worse. Not realizing they are limiting their potential and how good things could become.

Mental toughness is something we need in difficult moments to help us push through situations that are uncomfortable, and like many things it is a skill set, something to practice. Curiosity is one of those ways to do so., to practice pushing the limits of comfort, and digging into some tough questions. Getting used to not knowing where things are going or what the outcome will be. Beyond mental toughness, curiosity also helps with confidence, creativity and grit. All factors that many athletes are looking for. When we question what we don't know, and have the humility to know there are things we don't know, while still being secure in ourselves, we find true grounded confidence. It is not easy, it is a balancing act, but when we discover this balance we open up the door to many more possibilities.

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Some of the best athletes in the world understand the need to constantly challenge themselves and question their routines, strategies, methods and systems. They don't wait for things to go wrong or for someone to become better. They stay ahead of it, by examining and searching to gain every inch of possibly being better than they were the day before. If you want to succeed not only in sports but also in life, you need to get curious about yourself, who you are, your skill sets, and everything else. This doesn't mean question things all the time. It means finding a way to periodically check in, and really reflect and ask some tough questions to see if there is anyway you can improve on what you are doing and making sure what you are doing is the right thing for what you are trying to accomplish.

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