• Kate Allgood

Mental sports fatigue

Mental sports fatigue can be short lived or be the signs of burnout. It is often talked about how powerful the mind is, and no more so then when it comes to the love of a sport or the mental fatigue an athlete may feel. Ryan Lochte finished up his Olympics not competing to his usual standards. Afterwards he was interviewed and talked about how he had been mentally fatigued for the last year, but kept putting in the work to make the Olympic team. He will be the first to talk about how difficult it was to train without the love and passion he has had in the past for swimming. The amount of work an Olympic athlete has to put in is immense, and one of the reasons they can get through the work required is because their love and passion out weights the discomfort they are putting themselves through. You remove the love and passion and the work becomes unbearable.


The sad part is that more and more athletes of all ages and varying levels, are feeling the impact of losing the joy and love of their sport. This is leading to more and more kids dropping out, and more and more kids while sticking with it, really not enjoying themselves and no longer really having fun. It is a long journey if you want to go far with sports, so it is important to do whatever you can to keep the joy and fun alive, because it will make the journey that much better and easier to put in the work needed.

To your success,