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Mental Skills Tip: Focus on Changing Behavior

Mental Skills: More then just collecting information

When developing mental skills it is more than just collecting information, we need to take that information and turn it into action. Many athletes, read, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and read blogs, such as this. All of which is good and important, but in order to actually develop a mental skill we need to focus not just on learning but putting that learning into action and adjust our behavior.

I have talked with a number of athletes, about what they do to help develop their mental game, and many talk about reading a lot of books. How much though of the book is actually taken and used to change something? Many people feel that knowledge of something is the same as implementing it. I know for myself some times I can get caught up in reading many books and not really retain or take something of value and really implement it long term. Often it is implemented in the short term as we feel excited and motivated, but falls off over time.

Sometimes it is better to read one book and really implement something from it that helps you rathe then reading 5 books and feeling like you know a lot about the mental side of performance but aren’t living it, and making changes in your own behaviors. So think about the way you collect information, whether through a book or some other method mentioned earlier and think about how well you take the information and apply it to your life. That is my challenge to you, to actually take something and make you a better person and athlete.

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