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Mental Skills: The Importance of Establishing Routines

Routines are a Mental Skill that can Help you Deal with Stress

During Covid-19 there are a number of things that are causing people stress, one of them is due to decision making fatigue. This is because for pretty much everyone there routines have been upended, and routines help us to make fewer decisions each day. We only have so much mental energy, this is why I encourage athletes regularly to establish a good set of routines to help eliminate some decisions that really don’t need to be made and can help save some mental energy for more important decisions and to be able to perform well under pressure.

Decisions don’t have to be that big to create stress, they can add up. All of a sudden each day we have more decisions about simple things that when they add up create fatigue and thus create stress. This is one thing that can easily be controlled. Figure out what your new routines will look like for this time. From morning routines, to nighttime routines, workout routines, etc. You will start to feel more like yourself when you create or get back to the routines you had before.

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