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Mental Skills Coach: Importance of Grieving What Could Have Been

Use a Mental Skills Coach to Help you Through the difficult Process of Moving on

Loss is apart of sports, and a mental skills coach can help you get through it and become better for it. There is the normal loss of a game or competition, but beyond that there is also the loss of what could have been. This usually is something athletes who get injured have to deal with. They have to grieve the loss of the season or part of the season that could have been, that they had set goals for, and worked hard for. There is a huge psychological component to an injury for an athlete, whether that injury is minor or more severe. The ability for the athlete to go through the psychological process is vital to them being able to fully recover (psychologically) and greatly helps in the physical recovery, and be able to potentially come back even better than they were before the injury.

This process is now not only for the injured but for all athletes out there who have been impacted by COVID-19, which is pretty much every athlete. This is not just something some athletes at one level of sport are having to deal with, even the major events are being postponed or cancelled, so this is a global issue for all athletes. The ones that will be able to find a way to deal with psychological ramifications of this time will show once everything resumes again.

Grief is one of the ways we need to tackle what is happening head on. When things are lost within sports it is the same process as it would be for any other aspect of life. Those who can fully embrace the grief, the pain of the loss of what they were striving for, or the anger, which is also apart of the process. Will ultimately refocus and find ways to control what they can and get better as an athlete and person during this time. They will adapt, pivot and become resourceful during this time and discover things that will help them as athletes and people that they otherwise might not have done if things had continued as normal.

So have you done what needs to be done to psychologically deal with this time, to be able to feel the shitty feelings, but then to move on from them and let them go? Or have you just buried the feelings and think it doesn’t matter or continued to hold on to them, and each day feel the situation sucks?

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