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Mental Improvement in Sports: Focusing on Effort

In this weeks post I wanted to focus on one of the 5 aspects of the BEAST Mentality™, which is effort. As mentioned in the post on the BEAST Mentality™ effort is 100% in your control. You can control if you give everything you have or you do not. Now I wanted to look at this a little deeper and in a different light then maybe you have thought about. Sometimes when we look at the effort we gave we compare it to another time when we gave "more" effort. Now obviously sometimes this is true, but I often find with athletes I work with that sometimes they are comparing how it looks rather then was it everything they had to give.

What I mean by this, is everyday how much you have to give can be different based on how tired you are, if you're sick or getting back into shape. You at times will feel tired and like your legs are lead, and so it can feel like you are moving slower, and can feel harder to do the things you want to do. If we compare how things look when we are in this state compared to when our bodies feel fresh and like we could go forever, we might feel our effort was better when we felt better. This is why it is important to ask yourself the question of not how it looked but did you give everything you had to give. Did you put forth 100% of the effort you could in that moment. That is the important part.

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I wanted to bring this up because like so many things many athletes look at how something looks to indicate how well they are doing or if they could have done something better. We want to move away from focusing too much on results or how something looks to did you push yourself as much as you could. Now saying this. You may be someone who needs to work on putting forth more effort, this message obviously applies to people who do put forth consistent full effort, and need to be reminded that it can look different and still mean you put forth everything you had.

I also wanted to mention that putting forth effort, is not just about when you are training, practicing or competing. Are you putting forth full effort in everything you are doing. Your recovery, meditation, eating, hydration, watching game tape or anything else that is fully in your control that impacts your ability to perform. Your ability to perform comes down to every moment of everyday. The person you are away from the playing field and how you approach things away from the playing field impact how you will perform on it. You may still be one of the best even if you are not doing things in the best manner away from the playing field, but are you reaching your potential? That is the question.

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