• Kate Allgood

Learn to be in the flow

Reaching the Next Level of your Performance

Have you ever experienced being so present, being so focused, that everything but the thing you are doing falls away? In that moment everything seems easier, you make moves you have only ever imagined making in a key moment of competition, and you do so effortlessly. As humans we have different types of consciousness, and each state has its purpose, one of these states is considered the flow state. This is different from our day to day consciousness because we are able to tap into a reservoir of knowledge and talent that we have within us, but up until we get into the flow we have blocked through our day to day consciousness. Often we can block the flow state by overthinking situations and not just being present in the moment.

Being present in a moment requires a lot of trust in ourselves to be able to handle what comes our way moment by moment. It is not easy to let go and trust yourself and trust that everything that comes your way is okay, and that even if in that moment it seems negative it might be okay if you just continue to stay in the present moment and go with what is occurring. This is especially true in sports. Too many times athletes make a mistake and they get worked up about it, or they try and predict exactly how things should look while they are performing. While doing this they block being present and block the potential for them to be in a flow state. The two keys to high performance are focus and adaptability. Can you stay focused on what is important in the moment and can you adapt to what is occurring. When we stay focused and adapt we get closer to being in the flow state. When we worry about our last mistake and what it could mean for the rest of the competition or our chances of getting a scholarship, we ultimately make that one small mistake larger than it needs to be.

One of the greatest things anyone can do is to train their mind to be more present. There are a number of ways to do this. This could be done through your daily activity and really being conscious of where our focus is. Meditation is also good. It teaches to bring yourself back to the moment and to not attach emotions to the thoughts that you think. To not create stories around one thought that could take you off in a direction that is not productive. Try to improve this skill and you will find things seem to click and become a lot more enjoyable.